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About Visceral work

Viscera - the organs in the cavities of the body

The fascia of the organs has strong affects on the structure. Organs are designed to cooperate with body's needs for alignment, balance and movement. The viscera is wrapped in fascia and when is an inhibition in an area of the visceral fascia it will interfere with the capacity to move in this particular area of the body. Any forced movement through visceral restriction could injure or greatly inhibit the function of the viscera. It is rarely the case that the body will allow the viscera to affected in this way.


“ The body honors visceral ease first and structural wellness second.”


Liz Gaggini


Instead, the body will inhibit the myofascial and bony structure to protect and create ease in the viscera. It is very natural to protect the organs, I would like to use this comparation as an example: we can live life without an arm or a leg, but without most of the organs life isn´t possible.
Releasing strains in the visceral fascia can be very helpful in enhancing core transmission and organizing the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle.

Visceral work in
Rolifing® Structural Integration

The ultimate goal of structural integration is to integrated the person in the gravity field of our planet. It means that the human structure can express support, continuity and adaptability. And the visceral work is a great tool in achieving this goal.

Visceral work in the 10 series
In the 10 series I include some visceral work to support the goals of structural integration. It is not recommended to do pure visceral session on a person which didn't receive a sufficient amount of myofascial work and is well structurally integrated.

Visceral work post 10 series
After the 10 series a person already received a sufficient amount of myofascial work and is well structurally integrated. This integrated condition create a possibility to work purely on the viscera. It can take around 5 visceral sessions to do the work on whole organs orchestra.

From who I learned Visceral work

The visceral work which I learned is the result of Liz Gaggini’s 25 years studying and practicing visceral manipulation and her ongoing attempts to find value in visceral techniques for structural work. This work represents a safe and profoundly healing way of working with the fascia of the viscera that greatly helps with the goals of Structural Integration. My teacher was and is Liz student, Alyssa Dodson from US.
Alyssa Dodson completed her training 2002 at the Guild for Structural Integration with Emmet Hutchins and Peter Melchior. Since then she has a private practice in New York City. In 2005 she began studying with Liz Gaggini and became her teaching assistant from 2007 -2016.

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