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About Fascial Manipulation

Fascial manipulation is a holistic manual therapy technique developed by the physiotherapist Luigi Stecco.
It refocuses the treatment of the consequences to the treatment of the cause. This approach looks for physiological balance of the human system, while focusing on the interconnection of the musculoskeletal system and the visceral system and also the interconnection of these two systems. The concept of separation of the internal organs and locomotor system doesn't exist in Fascial Manipulation.
By correcting the imbalances of our system one brings more harmony and physiological balance in it. This open minded and multi causal approach can resolve in a couple of session problems which are troubling people for years,

The true beauty of Fascial Manipulation lies in the global personalized treatment. The practitioner goes with the client through an interview, movement tests and palpation. Based on the collected data he analyses the situation and creates a treatment strategy. Then he treats it depending on the findings.

What is
Visceral work?

If you are wanna learn how I work with the viscera and the options for treatment click bellow

What imbalances can Fascial Manipulation alleviate?

Different kinds of imbalances can be addressed with Fascial Manipulation. Dysfunction of the locomotor system such as headache, intercostal pain, radiculitis, arthralgia, Morton’s neuroma, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinopathy. One can also deal with internal dysfunctions, again, searching for the causes and the solution to numerous diseases historically not associated to the manipulative therapy such as difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia), the sensation of tightness of the chest, tachycardia, asthma , gastritis and esophagitis, constipation, bloating, cystitis, vaginismus and dysmenorrhea, circulatory disease and many others.
For more information I suggest, you read the part about visceral work.

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