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ScarWork was developed by Sharon Wheeler, a certified Rolfer® who learned directly from Dr. Ida Rolf.
If one should use one sentence to describe ScarWork, it is the art of integrating scars into the fascial web; and therefore it collaborates perfectly with Rolfing®!


To work with scars, is in the world of fascia like to speak with a different language,


Caroline Widmer

If you have scars after operations, plastic surgery, removed birthmark, or any type of burn, Scarwork is beneficial.
Scarwork is easy and gentle on the body. It is rarely painful, even on fresh scars. The scar tissue has the capacity to adapt. This type of work changes all the lumps, splits, holes and knots, so that they become more smooth and elastic. The changes happen during the session and continue afterwards, plus are lasting!
Working on the scars can significantly release connective tissues and can play an important role in achieving integration in the whole body. 



It is helpful for me to know beforehand what kind of scar you have.
If you have an MRI, medical report or at least you know how they did the operation it can be very helpful info. I would appreciate it if you share any info with me before our session.

Contraindications - when not to work
  • you medical practitioner didn't allow that: one can work on your scar/you can have massages

  • the scar isn´t closed, it has an infection and/or inflammation, the scar/wound is wet

  • if your scar is after laser-therapy and it is swollen and/or red


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