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About Me
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Photo © Erik Babóš

Manus Sapients Potens Est
A knowledgeable hand is powerful

I am a co-founder of Movement LAB, Rolfer® and somanaut.

My story begins where my shoulder ends..

From childhood I was doing a lot of physical activities.
In my teens after years of active sports (rowing, parkour, frisbee) I developed a nasty shoulder issue, because it I couldn't continue my study of physical education in UNIPO. I was recommended for an operation. But I chose a different path, a path of rehabilitation, exploration of my injury, sensing my movement restriction which eventually brought a change in the quality of my life. In the process of looking for alternatives I stumbled upon Rolfing. My own experience was the milestone not just for the healing of my shoulder but also of the direction of my life. I decided to become a certified Rolfer® and in 2019 I started my Rolfing training in Munich. My education didn't stop here, I continually educated myself.

Rolfing dramatically changed my perspective on the human body, on its structure, movement options and healing possibilities. I learned that pain isn't just a local thing and different structure and systems can be involved in this complex puzzle work.
Thanks to this unique method I experienced after many years a relieve of pain and tension in my body, as well a profound change in my mind. And this is what I want to offer to my clients, a change of the body and the mind, because they go together, they are secretly one.

In 2020 I co-founded the platform MOVEMENT LAB where we organize courses, workshops, events and classes dedicated to the exploration and cultivation of the body-mind-spirit.

My movement practice is inspired by contact improvisation, Fighting Monkey®, TaiJiQuan and QiGong.

My education: 

- Rolfing Structural integration
- Whiplash work (teacher Til Luchau)

- Manual therapy for lung rehabilitation (teacher Jeffrey Burch)

- Scar Work (teacher Andrea Clunsen)

- Visceral Work (teacher Allysa Dodson)
- Fascial Manipulation LVL  1-3
 (teacher Prof. Antonio Stecco)

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