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About Rolfing® SI

Rolfing® Structural Intergration (SI) is named after the founder, biochemist Dr. Ida P. Rolf, it is a form of holistic bodywork that reorganize the connective tissue called fascia, with the aim of restoring natural alignment of the body in gravity.

“ What is Rolfing? A process and technique of preparing the body to be able to accept the gravitational field of the Earth for support, by working on the soft tissue to loosen body blocks and allow them to align vertically.”


Dr. Ida P. Rolf


Dr. Rolf brought to this work the concept of gravity and believed there is a better relation between oneself and the gravity, which in end-effect would mean a better alignment. Our natural alignment can get through the course of life get out of balance, which can cause physical and emotional discomfort. In Rolfing® SI, by reorganizing  the fascia, the web like connective tissue which is penetrating the whole body, potentially these discomforts can be resolved, compensations reduced and pain alleviated. Rolfing® SI restores flexibility, increases balance, revitalize energy and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body.

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How does the Rolfing process look like?

Initial consultation

Before we start the Rolfing process we need to have a 10-15 minute long initial consultation, where I get a better image about you (your body structure, health anamnesis, personality etc.) and you can clarify if Rolfing is the right thing for you. First session is free and it last only 40min.

What you need to know about the process
Before each session I do a body reading and create a tactics for the session.

The process of Rolfing is standardly made of a series of 10 sessions, where each session builds on the previous one. However, the number of sessions can change based upon the needs of the client. Each session takes around 60 minutes and  is dedicates to a specific body structure, theme and has goals.
In the opening session it is important to get to know the client, his (medical) history, goals and needs, on which subsequently will work together.
After a session is important to give the body a rest for 24 hours - no intensive physical activity for 24 hours.
After each session it is recommended to have 1-3 weeks break.

Benefits of Rolfing

Everybody has some degree of disorder and compensation in their structure, therefore is Rolfing literally for everyone - athletes, dancers, musicians, children, business professionals and people from any background and any age can benefit from Rolfing SI.

Rolfing has the potential to help

  • post operative case 

  • enhance performance (more balance, mobility, proprioception)

  • chronic pains and injuries (headaches. back, elbow, knee, (frozen) shoulder, whiplash etc.)

  • chronic tension

  • people doing repetitive or one sided tasks (tennis players, dentist, surgeons)

  • during and after pregnancy

Some of the most reported benefits are

  • increased mobility

  • pain relief

  • easier and effortless posture

  • more grace in movement

  • better blood circulation

  • deeper breathing

  • more uprightness and ease in the posture

  • relieve body tension 

  • improved body awareness - proprioception

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